Competency-Based Training

For Competency-Based Training please refer to the Resource Directory below for those individuals that are able to provide Competency-Based Training.

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NMAIMH Resource Directory

In response to the increasing interest in Endorsement®, competency-based training, and reflective supervision/consultation, the NMAIMH is providing a Resource Directory of infant mental health professionals who have earned endorsement as Infant Family Specialists (Category II), Infant Mental Health Specialists (Category III), or Infant Mental Health Mentors (Category IV). The NMAIMH Endorsement® process is based on specifically-defined competencies for each category of Endorsement®. All professionals included in the Resource Directory have earned Endorsement® based on a two-level review of a written portfolio that was determined to meet the competency-based requirements established for a particular level of endorsement. Additionally, professionals endorsed as Infant Mental Health Specialists (Category III) and Infant Mental Health Mentors (Category IV) have passed a written Endorsement® exam, demonstrating an additional categories of expertise/competency as defined by the requirements at those categories.

The NMAIMH provides the Resource Directory as a service to its membership. All arrangements between those included in the Directory and those seeking their services will be made without further NMAIMH involvement. That is, the scheduling of any training, consultation, or supervision commitments, as well as any fees or other agreements, will be made directly between the trainer/consultant and individual/program seeking the service. If you are interested in inquiring about one or more of the training, consultation, or supervision services listed in this Directory, please contact the individual directly to discuss specifics. The NMAIMH does not receive payment or participate in the arrangements or contract negotiations.


Note to Trainers/Consultants:

To update your information in the Resource Directory, please send an e-mail message to


Providers of Reflective Supervision/Consultation

NMAIMH recommends that the document titled,  “Reflective Supervision/Consultation Defined” used as best practice guidelines and a frame of reference for establishing expectations and agreements regarding this service.


Providers of Competency-Based Training

NMAIMH recommends that the NMAIMH "Competency Guidelines for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health” (see below) be used as a frame of reference for establishing expectations and agreements regarding this service.

Using Competencies for Training Purposes

To understand the relationship between the NMAIMH, the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MI-AIMH), and the 23 other states using this same process for Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health, you can read the Background and Introduction to the Competency Guidelines.

The competencies (see Competencies and Requirements) can be used by anyone across infant/early childhood service settings. The NMAIMH values all degreed and non-degreed professionals working with families/caregivers of young children. This diverse group of professionals is increasingly aware of the importance of early caregiving relationships to the optimal safety, health, and development of young children. Because Endorsement® is intended as a recognition of a focus specifically on work with infants/toddlers and their parents/primary caregivers, Endorsement® is reserved for those professionals who work with this specific population and have received the Endorsement® Certificate from NMAIMH or another state affiliate.

Those who develop and offer training to early childhood mental health professionals are encouraged to use the competencies to guide training design and delivery. When doing so, trainers are encouraged to identify the NMAIMH competencies addressed and provide this information to training participants. Consumers of early childhood mental health training are encouraged to ask trainers to identify the NMAIMH competencies being addressed in each training received.

There are increasing training opportunities available for early childhood and behavioral health providers throughout New Mexico. As the NMAIMH learns of trainings that identify specific NMAIMH competencies, every attempt to share the information here (see Events) and also post the information to our NMAIMH Members list-serv will be made. All trainings related to the competencies, regardless of the trainer or affiliation with the NMAIMH, can be applied to NMAIMH Endorsement® portfolios.

For more information about Training Opportunities as they become available, go to: 

Copyright Notice

The materials supporting the NMAIMH Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health are copyrighted by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MI-AIMH). The NMAIMH is able to make these materials available to our membership through a licensing agreement with the MI-AIMH. Copyright law does allow individuals to print out, or make, ONE copy of copyrighted material for personal, non-commercial purposes only. None of the copyrighted, endorsement documents included here may be reproduced, displayed, distributed, or otherwise used in any format, including electronically, without the express written consent of MI-AIMH. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright.