Infant Family Specialist help parents to: “see” the infant/very young child as a person, as well as all the factors (playing, holding, teaching, etc.) that constitute effective parenting of that child. Also, to help parents derive pleasure from daily activities with their children. They assist with family’s realistic expectations for the development of their infants/very young children and strategies that support those expectations. Infant Family Specialist demonstrates familiarity with conditions that optimize early infant brain development. Also, develops the ability to recognizes risks and disorders of infancy/early childhood conditions that require the assistance of other professionals from health, mental health, education, and child welfare systems. The specialist shares with families an understanding and appreciation of family relationship development. The specialist applies an understanding of cultural competence to communicate effectively, establish positive relationships with families, and demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of each client family’s culture.

Infant Family Specialist have skills in being able to see and explain the “big picture” when analyzing situations, explain the interactions of multiple factors and perspectives. Also, having skills in assigning priorities to needs, goals, and actions. They consider difficult situations carefully while evaluating alternatives prior to making decisions. Infant Family Specialist integrates all available information and consults with others when making important decisions. They can generate new insights and workable solutions to issues related to effective relationship-focused, family-centered care. The specialist can create a sequence for, and prioritizes tasks necessary to perform role and meet the needs of families. Also, employs effective systems for tracking individual progress, ensuring follow up, and monitoring the effectiveness of service delivery as a whole.

Competency Guidelines Category II: Infant Family Specialist

Fee Schedule

Infant Family Associate Infant Family Specialist Infant Mental Health Specialist Infant Health Mentor
Registration Fee $30 $30 $50 $50
Endorsement Fee $40 $40 $225 $325
Total Fee $70 $70 $275 $375

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