Steps to Endorsement

Prerequisites for Application

Details are specified in the requirements for each type of endorsement (see Competency Details & Requirements page).

  • Work experience with infants, toddlers, parents, other caregivers, and families,
  • Specialized training/education related to infants, toddlers, parents, other caregivers, and families; and,
  • Access to Reflective Supervision for Infant Family Specialist, Infant Mental Health Specialist, and Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical applicants. A list of endorsed colleagues who have offered to provide reflective supervision/consultation and/or specialized, competency-based training can be found on the Competency-Based Training page.

Six Steps to Endorsement:

1. Self-assessment

Self-assessement of prerequisites (applicants are encouraged to contact the Endorsement Coordinator if assistance is needed)

2. Registration

The endorsement application may be started by going to and clicking on the register button.  Registration requires the provision of brief information about the applicant’s specialized education, work, and reflective supervision/consultation experiences.

Applicants who are not sure about which type of endorsement best fits with their specialized work, education/training, and reflective supervision experiences, are encouraged to go to the Requirements and Competency page. If additional guidance is needed, e-mail the Endorsement Coordinator at:

Applicants who register will be required to pay a registration fee via PayPal using a credit card, or may select to pay via a check and mail directly to the NMAIMH office. A PayPal “account” is not needed to pay with a credit card through PayPal. Fees can be found in the table below.

3. Preparation of an Application

After Registration you will be assigned a trained, volunteer Endorsement Advisor to support you through the online EASy process. This process is used to document the applicant's competencies specific to Infant Mental Health.

The NMAIMH EASy Users' Guide will be e-mailed to those who have registered for endorsement. This guide, along with guidance from the trained, volunteer Endorsement Advisor will support you to develop an effective application.

When the applicant and the Advisor agree that the application is ready to be submitted, the applicant may do so by clicking the "Submit" button in EASy. Applications for Endorsement® as an Infant Mental Health Specialist (Category III) or an Infant Mental Health Mentor (Category IV) must be submitted by the posted due date (see the Calendar on this website), which is typically at least 8-weeks prior to the next Endorsement® Exam date.

Applications may be submitted at any time for endorsement as an Infant Family Associate (Category I) and an Infant Family Specialist (Category II).

4. Verification of Competencies

This step involves a two-level review by endorsed colleagues who are trained to administer the standardized review process.

Additionally, for Endorsement® as an Infant Mental Health Specialist (Category III) and Infant Mental Health Mentor (Category IV) only, successful completion of a two-part written exam is required.  Endorsement® Exams are administered each fall and spring for candidates whose applications have been approved. Candidates will be notified of exam results within 2 months of the date the exam was completed.

5. Endorsement

A trained Endorsement® Review Team reviews each application including the professional references and exam results, as applicable, and as specified for each type of Endorsement®. The Review Team makes recommendations regarding Endorsement® to the Endorsement Committee via the Endorsement Coordinator. The Endorsement Coordinator notifies the candidate:

  1. Of successful completion of the process and awards Endorsement® (IMH-E®) on behalf of the NMAIMH; or

  2. Of additional requirements that must be fulfilled within a mutually agreed upon time frame in order to earn the Endorsement®; and/or

  3.  That she/he does not meet the requirements for Endorsement® at this time.

The awarding of Endorsement® is documented through issuing of a certificate, as well as entry into the online “Registry of Endorsed Professionals”.

6. Maintenance of Endorsement

Documentation of a minimum of 15 hours of culturally-sensitive, relationship-focused training specific to the Endorsement® competencies must be submitted annually. This documentation, along with an annual endorsement renewal fee ($35 for Categories I & II or $50 for Categories III & IV), must be sent to NMAIMH by December 31 for continued Endorsement®.

Click here to read more specifics about Endorsement® Renewal.

To document that you have met the annual continuing endorsement requirements, download, complete, and send in this form.

Endorsement Fee Schedule



Registration Fee

Endorsement Fee

Total Fee

Infant Family




Infant Family Specialist




Infant Mental Health Specialist




Infant Mental Health Mentor





The NMAIMH thanks the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department for their generous and continuing support of the endorsement system.