Membership Benefits

  • Access to a nationally-recognized professional endorsement system for infant-family practitioners through connection to the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health® and other Infant Mental Health State Associations.  The Alliance is a global organization that currently includes 33 state associations and two international associations. This includes the potential to learn about various training/employment opportunities and products offered by other states.
  • Notification of and access to professional development opportunities at a free or reduced cost, including opportunities to earn CEUs.
  • Admission to the annual NMAIMH Annual Meeting and Training. This also provides the opportunities to earn CEUs.
  • Networking with a diverse and interdisciplinary group of infant mental health professionals.
  • Ability to share and connect with others via the NMAIMH listserv. This provides opportunities to learn and share upcoming events, trainings, conferences, and other items related to IMH.
  • Ability to serve on NMAIMH Committees.
  • Active involvement in the elections of NMAIMH board members.
  • Members receive a bundle discount (Membership and Endorsement reduced fees.) Endorsed professionals receive discounted membership with each renewal.

Join/Renew Mailing Instructions

  1. Download form below
  2. Print form
  3. Fill out form
  4. Mail the completed form to NMAIMH with payment
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